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The management of Seremala recently hosted the entire staff team to a Christmas party in December 2012. It was a time of reflection on the successes of the year as well as celebrating the team members who excelled in the duties as well as those who have been in long-service to the company. We also invited several of our business partners and thanked them for their immense contribution.

1 Thesasalonians, 5:18: "In everything, give thanks; for this is the will of God...."


Seremala FoundationTaking the CSR Challenge

"We the directors of Seremala Construction & Engineering Ltd founded Seremala Foundation in March 2010 to reach out to the orphaned and the widowed. We work closely with Macheo Children's Centre in Thika who have outreach programs in the nearby Kinadutu slums . We are currently sponsoring 10 children through high school and 3 through college. We hope to increase this number as we carry out more fundraising activities"

Why do we sponsor?

  • Because when you reach out and help the orphaned and the literally touch the heart of God!
  • Because we want our daughters, the children we sponsor, our staff and anyone else in our circle of influence to learn from us and catch the vision. We deliberately carry our daughters along and involve them in the foundation activities inorder to keep Seremala Foundation alive long after we are gone. 
  • Because we want Seremala Foundation to be the CSR wing of Seremala Construction & Engineering, educating the orphaned through high school, college and upon completion, providing internship at our company.
  • Because we want.... even in the smallest way to contribute to our country's vision 2030. We want to stop the mentality that a difference can only be made by donors from developed countries or from government. A difference can be made when each individual helps another in need....the ripple effect can be amazing.

Come join us in our various fundraising activities as we influence our society positively! "

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 Desking the Undesked: We are striving to create an impact on our society by lending a helping hand!

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Providing donations to some of the orphaned and destitute children at Macheo Children's Centre.